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Leeny and Steve
When Leeny’s persuasive four-year-old nephew Zak asked her to write a few songs for him, she teamed up with her buddy Steve to create an entire album! Their 2008 debut CD, Be Nice by Leeny and Steve, was named Best Recording for Preschoolers by the Children’s Music Web Awards. More accolades ensued for Leeny’s 2009 release, Sharing the Same Stars by Leeny and Tamara, including a second Parents’ Choice Award. Steve is a winemaker in Lehigh Valley, PA where he lives with his wife Stacia and an inordinate number of animals. Leeny is earning an M.Ed. and licensure to become an elementary school teacher! She lives in Gloucester, MA with her husband Nick.

Mama Mac
Mama Mac was inspired by Amy Elkins’ volunteer role as the singing “Macaroni Monday mom” at her children’s preschool. Amy would cook and deliver pasta to each class along with an original song performance. Soon she built up a repertoire of the children’s favorites and cut her first CD as Mama Mac. The album garnered several awards, including 2010 Best Mom’s Award and Child Magazine’s Seal of Excellence, and the song “Firefly” plays over the end credits of the movie “Cafe,” starring Jennifer Love Hewitt. With an eclectic style ranging from rock to country to reggae and more, Mama Mac’s interactive songs engage both children and parents alike.

Swingset Mamas
Winners of the 2011 Parents’ Choice Award, the Swingset Mamas are two real-life rockin’ moms whose music has spawned an avid network of fans, parents, and educators. The Mamas write, record, and perform upbeat songs in a variety of styles including reggae, zydeco, blues, funk, rock, and hip hop, all with singable, memorable lyrics. Incorporating American Sign Language with call and response singing, their live shows create an inspiring and unique shared social experience for people of all ages and abilities. Their interactive style gets everyone young and old, up on their feet singing, dancing, laughing, learning, and having tons of fun!

- Compilation album produced by Ilene (Leeny) Altman &
  Meteorologist Mish Michaels
- Mastered by Duncan Stanbury at Groove Mastering
- CD Design by Christopher Elsasser
- Album artwork by Weather Watcher Nalina Atamian (age 5)

The Cornell Connection
Go Big Red! These four women earned their undergraduate degrees (many moons ago!) from Cornell University: Ilene Altman (aka Leeny) B.S. Communication, Amy Elkins (aka Mama Mac) B.A. Theatre Arts, Marlowe Bechmann (½ of Swingset Mamas) B.A. Government, and Mish Michaels B.S. Atmospheric Sciences. Mish and Marlowe met at Cornell as Pi Beta Phi sorority sisters. Ilene and Amy met through Ilene’s little sister Hilary who performed in a band with Amy at Cornell. Ilene and Mish met in 2009 when Mish was producing a story about Cornell’s Lost Ladybug Project for WBZ in Boston. During her research, Mish heard “Ladybug, Ladybug, Ladybu-u-ug” by Leeny and Tamara, which the Ladybug Project had adopted as its theme song.

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